Empty courses in Latin section

Hi all,
first of all a little introduction: i’m here for the very first time and i’m new to all of this. I’m here in order to improve my latin skills, but i still have to figure out how to use this site properly. I’m not new to Steve Kaufmann’s videos and i agree with almost everything he says about learning process. I’ve studied latin basics with assimil so i’m very into this ‘natural way’ of learning… BUT. I’m very confused because of the fact that i see a lot of what you call “courses” without lessons inside in the latin section. I don’t know whether is due to changes that have been made today or not. Can someone tell me why i see a lot of courses but without any contents inside?

And, by the way, i’m not here to improve my english for now, so you’ll have to deal with my bad english, sorry : )

Gratias vobis ago, valete omnes!

Hi, Argo. LingQ is having problems w/ their very recent upgrade. Perhaps things will be working properly soon–a day or two, a week? If you’re experiencing too many problems, I’d say you should just try again in a few days, to avoid further frustration. Don’t give up, however. This is a great site when it’s working well.

So, what have you been doing w/ Latin? I’m a big fan, although quite rusty. (I’d suggest you message me on my “Wall” here at LingQ to reply, but truthfully, I don’t know if it’s working at the moment.)

Thanks for your understanding Ernie. We hope to solve problems and address various user concerns over the next few days. At the end of it all I am confident it will all have been worth it.

All i can say, speaking about latin, is “Roma non uno die aedificata est”. I don’t think that’s a big issue a little time in order to have a better quality language system. Nothing come by itself. As for me, i just want to understand more about this site in order to decide what to do with the possibility of becaming a non-free member.

It’s a pleasure to have you here in my thread Mr. Kaufmann. A lot of what you’ve said has helped me finding my way to the real (and natural) approach in learning (not only) languages.