Empty collections

I notice that when I open several of my collections, they are displayed as empty. But if I open them from ‘Import’, I can see the items inside.

Is this a known bug?

I’m guessing that these collections contain private lessons – is this the case? Private lessons will not display on the collection page, since the collection page is currently visible to all members. We hope to someday resolve this and make them visible to that member only.

Is this a new feature? I remember in the past I could view my private lessons as a collection.

So how do I see my known word percentages for my private lessons now?

@edwin - It has always been this way. You can view your New Words percentages for Imported lessons on the My Lessons page.

I see. How do I navigate from one part of a private lesson series to the next?

My current way is to go to import, open the list, click on editing the next part, then click “save and open”.

That’s the only way to go from one lesson to the next. Or you could search for the collection title in My Lessons.