Email notifications for wall posts

I miss email notifications for posts from other members on my wall. I admit that I often go straight to the forum and not to my profile page. Without email notifications I’m often not aware of posts that other members have written on my wall.

Also I would love to see if a post is private or public. This can be an import issue when I answer.

I totally agree! I would also love to get notifications for when people post on my wall. Someone posted a nice welcome message on my wall and I didn’t see it until a couple of days later!

I would also like to know if we get notifications for when people reply to something we post on their wall. For example I write on Bob’s wall and he replies to my post on his own wall…would I get notified about that?

Sorry! There should be email notifications for wall posts now. We will have to see why they are not being sent.

I’ve been getting my email notifications. However, I get a bit lost understanding how the wall posts work. I find myself going directly to people’s walls to post a response these days, as I don’t see it on their profile if I just reply. Apparently though, they see it on their time line. Others’ longer responses showing on my timeline tend to be visually jumbled, overflowing into earlier responses, making it difficult to read, so I often find it easier to go to their wall to read it properly. I also ‘liked’ a lesson and somehow ended up giving myself a rose, instead of to the person who shared the lesson. I can be a bit daft, so was hoping there could be some sort of short, helpful guide put on the help page at some stage.
Other than that, overall I really love this site.

@Julz611 - We have no capability of capturing emailed responses to wall post and comment emails. You do have to go directly to members’ walls to respond. If you are responding to a post on your own wall, you must comment on the post on your own wall. Posts and the associated comment strings are only visible on the wall on which the post was made originally. However, you will get email notifications for any posts and associated comments for conversations you are involved in. These notifications are also shown in your Timeline. We are aware of the issue with long posts showing as jumbled and overrunning the notification box boundaries. We will post a fix for this issue in our next update.

If you like a lesson that you have created yourself, you will give yourself a rose. But if the lesson was created by someone else, the rose should go to them. Are you sure that you gave a rose to someone else but it came to you instead? If so, can you document exactly what you did so we can recreate it?

Glad you like the site! We will be continuing to improve all of this functionality so thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for your clarification. The rose thingy is so unimportant - who knows what my foggy brain was doing at the time? Cheers.