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LingQ doesn’t seem to send the notification email well. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. I used to get notification mail when somebody commented on the post on my wall, but like few days ago I did not get the mail and I had to find out about the comment when I was scrolling down the page. (By the way, the post was old but the comment she made on the post was new.) I replied to her by leaving the post on her wall but I have to wonder now if she got the notification mail from LingQ or not!

Other notifications as well like when you request a conversation seem to have some problem in operating.(I am not sure if it got fixed now, cause I told Alex about this a while ago.) Additionally, I had my group discussion today that I forgot somehow, and I did not get the notification mail that was supposed to be sent with the title “Conversation reminder”.

Though I am not sure if it’s relevant at all, but LingQ doesn’t send me the daily LingQs (the words list) too from some point in the past, even though in my setting page they are all well checked. (And I don’t need to bother with this if it’s not for the notification thing.)

Email notification at LingQ is very important I think, cause it basically blocks the proper communication between members if it’s not working well. Hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks!

@monyou - It looks like you had unsubscribed from the emails some time last year, so undoubtedly this affected the notifications that you were receiving. I’ve now resubscribed you, so you can control your email settings from the Settings page. Let us know if you’re still not receiving some emails!

Reading this thread reminded me about my own email trouble: Yesterday I didn’t receive the e-mail notification of something that had been posted on my wall. I have just now cleared my cache and re-saved my settings (which I had not changed, but I thought it wouldn’t do any harm clearing the cache for just in case…). If now some kind person would write me a nice little test message on my wall, I could check whether the system works again for me.

Thank you to the dear volunteer!

@SanneT - Ah, you’re right. We’ll get this one fixed as well!

@Alex - Thank you, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

OK, all the site notification emails should now be working properly. You’ll receive all of the backlogged emails as well, just so you don’t miss anything!

Thank you, dear volunteer, and thank you, Alex, all’s working well again!

Is there any possibility to …

(1) stop sending “rose” email notifications?
(2) stop sending “new post in thread” email notifications? (without unchecking “follow topic”, very annoying that it’s checked automatically).

I don’t know whether it’s any consolation, but I am now re-routing those kind of e-mails into a specific LingQ folder so that they never even reach my inbox.

On the whole, I do like the idea of not having to tick any boxes and so appreciate the automatic notifications.
I like seeing the rose notifications - I like it when people like things - but I also understand how annoying it can be to have one’s inbox cluttered with comments at times. That’s why I set up the folder sweep in the first place, it works well for all sorts of things.
I then have the choice to read those messages at my leisure and I have the nice feeling of not missing anything (well, not too much).

Thanks! dear…

I don’t get any messages since April, 12th.

I also have no messages from Lingq for last two days - it’s strange because I have normally about 5 messages from different members of Lingq every day to say nothing about Lingqs of the day that were also absent.

Same problem for me.

They are now coming into my mail box.

Still no emails nor Lingq of the day for me as well since Friday’s maintenance.

I, too, hadn’t received any emails since the 12th but they all just came in. Did everyone else get your emails now?

Yes, it’s OK now, thanks, Mark.

Yes, I got all the missing emails from the last 2 days at once now.

I only got a Lingq weekly report at around noon, but still missing Lingq of the day emails. I thought they’d arrive together like it was the case for these other people. I will post a notice tomorrow if I still don’t have Lingqs of the day by then.

Today again no notifications.