"el zorro" y "La Despedida" son excelentes. algo mas?

For a beginner like me, both of these stories (“el zorro” y “La Despedida”) were really the kind of compelling reading that I want so i can learn more Spanish.

Is there more basic level fiction (a2/b1) in Spanish that people can suggest that adults might like? I tried to read children’s books a few months ago but I didn’t enjoy them.

Obviously, i’m not ready to tackle Gabriel Garcia Marquez yet!

i don’t mind paying a few dollars for quality ebooks.


The centro virtual Cervantes offers some readings divided into levels:

After you click on a level: inicial, intermedio, avanzado, you can click on one of the titles of the books and then select “texto”. In the text there’s a “texto para imprimir” button that would make it easier for you to import it into lingq.

I’ve also found this novel in pdf. I haven’t read it but it sounds interesting. You can convert the pdf into txt format using Calibre or an online converter to import it into Lingq. I’m sure there must be other material like that. Google for “lecturas graduadas español para extranjeros”
The novel:

And this publishing house seems to have a good offer of graded readers in Spanish. You can buy them either through them or through Amazon. The problem is that they are kindle books so you’ll have to find out how to import them into Lingq, which most probably entails removing the DRM, which is against Amazon’s terms of use:

thanks for all of those suggestions. very kind of you. i will check them out this week!