Eine Kur machen

I came across this text in Assimil “Ich war krank und soll eine Kur machen.”
Their translation is a little strange (take a cure). I was thinking a more colloquial English translation would be “receive treatment” or “get treated” Can anyone come up with anything more accurate?

In German we say “eine Kur machen” if you get special treatment not in a hospital, but in a place where they help you to recover from something. It’s a health cure., that should bring back your health that you can work again or go on with your life. You can get it for example after surgery, or mothers and children can get it, if the mother is exhausted. It’s all about recovering (physical and/or mental). You do healthy things like sports or walking, or you get help from psychologists if needed. Sometimes you get massages or other physical therapies. The health insurance or the pension funds pay for it, depending on the circumstances. It lasts 3 or more weeks. I had 2 health cures with my child some years ago because of problems with my immune defense. So I had a stay at the seaside, which was great. I hope this helps.


Vielen dank, Vera! Ich finde übrigens Ihre Beiträge bei Lingq sehr angenehm und hilfreich! Ich habe schon einige angehört.