Egyptian Arabic Stories ALL wrong

The texts of the egyptian arabic mini stories are ALL completely wrong, from the first one to the last one. I know you’ve updated them because in the past from story 40 to 60 was the standard arabic ones, but now everything is messed up and it doesn’t match the audio at all anymore

Sorry to hear that. We will check that.

Hi Katakuri, can you provide more details, some examples? which parts you think don’t match the audio? thanks

Sahra-content team

Hey Sahra,
I just discovered something. The stories on the lingq website are actually all correct. But it’s a different person speaking. I usually use the lingq app on my phone and the voice there is from a woman, and what she’s saying as I said in my previous post doesn’t match the texts. Is this some kind of a bug in the app?

lessons on web and app are synched actually. are you using iOS? are you using the latest update?