Effortless English Podcast - part 2 and 3

2 = you’re not stupid
3 = top 5 mistakes
bot items have not time for the recording but the sound is to hear.

It is not really correct - the recording from #2 ist not to hear

sorry, # 3, top 5 mistakes, is not to hear!!!


First of all I have no trouble hearing “top 5 mistakes”. The sound file is an external URL which might have been down when you tried to listen.

Second of all we have to take the position that the Library is as it is. We cannot chase down all the contributors to ask them to make changes to their content in response to the reaction of one or other user. All we can do is to pull an item which is really bad for some reason.

When we enable editing for editorial boards for each language, we will be better able to control things. Even then, we have to be careful not to react on every problem a use experiences.

In any case there does not appear to be a problem with “top 5 mistakes” that would justify pulling it.

that should not be a critic on LingQ. I thought here is the right place in the forum to inform about problems.

AJ brought 5 articles in the library and only two have no time (they have 0:00 in the library). The others are okay!
Today I am able to hear from both the sound but it is not shown when I click on the little blue row for time on my WorkDesk.