Editor Enhancement for Lesson Edit Pane - May be Wish List Item

It would really be nice to have support for a standard document editor of some kind in the Edit Window for Imported lessons so that an author can make additions to or edits of the text more accurately. For example, for me, line spacing control is very difficult to manage. There is not true native support for Bold or Italic or Underline that is retained in the Lesson Window. It seems that text is imported with some of the attributes but if one removes one of the text style attributes accidentally, the style is lost for good. The Edit window itself does appear to capture this styling option and it seems to capture some styles on import. Perhaps I am missing something here that is obvious. In any case optional support for MS Word or WordPad or WordPerfect would be nice to allow the author to annotate and modify text easily without wondering how it is going to look in the lesson window. I think we really need here is “WYSIWG” (what you see is what you get). Thanks for listening.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I think something like this makes sense. We did have something like this before we redid the Import Lesson page, so we’ll see if we can add it back in.

Thanks for listening and your understanding. I know there is a lot on your plate but I do believe this addition will win over lots of your Users and Tutors, particularly, now that you have introduced the Chrome Extension for text importing. I would expect Users to really appreciate your efforts in this area as they will be able to use a text editor with which they are already familiar to create content.