Editing time counting towards goals

I spend a considerable amount of my study time editing transcribed audio and it’s a more intensive activity than say, just listening as I walk or something. I go through the lesson in sentence mode editing the sound length to fit the text and making sure the text matches the audio. I find it frustrating that although this activity is intensive and involves reading and listening things I enjoy etc, very little of it appears to count as study time. I can spend an hour doing this with very little to show for it in terms of coins. I shouldn’t care, as it’s valuable learning time I enjoy, but when I realize after a bunch of time editing that I better do some work outside of edit mode to keep up my streak, it’s pretty annoying…

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Thanks for your feedback. We will see if there’s anything we can do.

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I have a goal of 400 coins daily. I keep my streak of 232 hours. I could say that even if I read a moderate text it often takes ~30 min to reach my daily goal. I usually need 1 hour daily for advancing.
But I noticed that reading a tough text, such as J. R. R." Tolkien, takes much more time to achieve a daily goal. The conclusion is obvious, do not take too complex material

For sure, finding appropriate level material is important to keep motivated, productive, and consistent. My point was only that I don’t believe you are counted as studying when you are editing lessons or sentences, which I spend a lot of time doing currently.