Editing someones lessons and wrong word count

I used to edit someone’s lessons when there was a wrong word count in them. The method of how to do it, I read somewhere before on the forum. First, you add a new word to the text of the lesson, save it and then once again remove the added word and save the lesson. This approach solved the problem.

But now there is no more such button to edit someone lesson. Probably you removed it so that no one could edit someone else’s lessons, but how are we supposed to resolve the problem with the word counter now?

Anyway, I want to listen to this course Anmelden - LingQ

Could you please edit it for me?

Yes, the option to edit public lessons is gone for me, too. Is there a policy that we can’t edit public lessons any more?

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I can’t edit lessons anymore either. Also, there used to be a way to report a wrong audio/pronounciation and that’s gone too. Since I am studying Finnish, which is still mostly in beta, there is a lot of mistakes, especially in the audio department and it would really help if we could report it :confused:

“Edit Lesson” for Premium users was just temporary removed due to some issues we had with some users making wrong edits.
It will be added back soon, probably until the end of this week.

Hvala na odgovoru! :slight_smile:

What about reporting false audio? There is often a problem in Finnish where the text-to-speech reads a word as a completely different one. It becomes a bigger problem because when I am reviewing my vocabulary through a dictation, I type in the word it says but it turns out to be wrong because it wanted me to write down a completely different word.

Nema na cemu! :slight_smile:

For now you’ll need to report audio issues to support(at)lingq.com and we look into it and fix it.