Editing public lessons

I have recently had a few cases, when I was able to edit a public lesson, but after saving the edited lesson, it no longer had the associated audio. Here is an example:

Also, I am wondering, if the saved lesson is just my personal lesson from now on, or did this change also affect everyone else.

That has happened to me also. When it happened, I contacted LinqQ support. In a few cases, Zoran was able to restore the audio. But in one case, the audio was no longer available, so the audio is gone for good. I felt bad about that, so I’ve decided to no longer edit public lessons. If I see a mistake, I sometimes make a note in my translation, but otherwise I just ignore it and treat it like a typo I might come across in everyday life (like in a newspaper or book).

I think that when you edit a public lesson, it changes it for everyone (there is a note to that effect when you start to edit, to which you must click “OK”). But maybe someone else could confirm that.

Your changes affect everyone.
In some cases when lessons audio was add through URL instead of upload, editing lessons removed the audio if audio link is no longer active.
I will look into that lesson you mentioned and try to re-upload the audio. Thanks for letting me know.

I tried to correct a small error in Russian Mini Story 46: in question 3 it says Потом что . This should be Потому что . I could not change this. Why is that? Could you do it, Zoran?

Thanks Ben, I fixed that.

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My recent edits were in cases when a space was missing between words. Without fixing it, I would need to mark it as “ignore”. BTW, are you concerned about too large number of “ignored” words, since they need to be stored somewhere? As it is, I ignore a lot, for example, proper names.

The other issue is that some users seem not to notice the problem, so I’m trying to help others. This is in German, where it is common that words merge together to form a new word. So, people might have difficulty distinguishing between legitimate and illegitimate mergers.


I was also making edits to help others. In Greek, there are words that have different meanings if the accent in different places, and missing accents are a common mistake in uploaded texts. But when I weigh that issue against possibly losing the audio for good, I’m torn. Which is better for the community: errors in a text or the chance of losing audio that can’t be replaced?


@Potami Feel free to continue fixing errors when you notice them. The issue you encountered with the missing audio will happen very rarely, so you don’t have to worry about it.


OK. Thanks for the clearing that up, Zoran!

Hi Zoran, i found another small error in the Russian Mini Story number 46: in the first sentence of part B, Я сегодня вечером лечу в Лос-Анджелес, лечу should be полечу. Could you correct this? I tried to do it myself, but I did not succeed. In the past I could do this sort of things myself. Why cannot I do it anymore?

You can correct it yourself, but please be very careful: in this particular case лечу is absolutely ok.
Я сегодня пойду спать пораньше. is roughly the same as Я сегодня иду спать пораньше.

OK, Sergey, thanks for the information. But the thing is, that the audio says полечу . So, even if лечу is possible, the written version should be identical with the spoken words.

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ah, if this is in audio, you’re right - sorry for my a bit arrogant comment))

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This could theoretically be fixed. Apparently, the way LingQ software is written, it “loses the contact” with that audio, but the audio itself is still available. It just needs to link to it.
This issue comes back to me all the time, and then I also see more and more lessons without audio (probably edited by other users). This is not good for us.
Can someone fix it?

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I checked all audio links for mentioned lessons and they were broken. For some lessons I was able to find working audio on other link and replace it. For which lesson without the audio you noticed working audio link?

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I don’t know about any specific working links. What I mean is that when I edit a lesson and the audio suddenly becomes unavailable in that lesson, it means that the audio is still somewhere. It is just that the LingQ software was so written, that it loses contact with that video. So, the problem could be solved for the future by correcting that flaw of the LingQ system.

Correcting things afterwards is a losing battle. Especially, that I would correct a given text only when I currently read it, and I don’t want the audio to disappear in the middle of reading the text.

It would still help, if you could correct it for now. So, here is one lesson:

(which is the most urgent for me)

But there are more in the same course “Top Thema mit Vokabeln 2017”:

and the other course of the same type:

You can see which do not have audio based on the playlist icon missing.

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I fixed audio in the lesson you mentioned, will check the complete course too.

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Thank you so much, Zoran.
Glad to see that some of them are fixable.

As usual, the video disappeared right after my edit here: