Editing LingQ's not working?

Hello! I recently started using LingQ to improve my French and I’m really enjoying it!
Flashcard functionality to study vocabulary is important for me but there seems to be no way to edit LingQ terms. I can however add/remove meanings of the LingQ’s. Is there any way to do this because now I’m constantly removing and re-adding LingQ’s to get around this.

Also when I’m reading text from the library and want to add a word as a LingQ I want to be able to edit the term immediately. For example, I don’t want to add conjugated forms of verbs. I just want to add the infinite versions of those conjugated verbs as LingQ’s.

Thanks for the help!


Thanks for reporting. We will look into it.

Thank you.
So there is no way to edit LingQ terms right now?

Yes, but we will push a fix soon.