Editing lesson meta-data, questions

  1. In the lesson meta-data fields - what are the best field(s) to use to:
    a) acknowledge copyright material,
    b) acknowledge permission to share copyright material and
    c) write the details of this permission?

  2. How do you edit the “provider” field to acknowledge different lesson providers within a single course?

@iaing - The best place to write all this would probably be in the course description field, though you can also write it in the lesson description field if the lessons in a single course are coming from different providers.

You can select separate providers for each individual lesson. To add a provider, go here: Login - LingQ (this is for English, so for another language change the “en” to the appropriate language code). On the right, you’ll see “My Providers”. Just click on that and you’ll be able to add new providers.

What is the “provider”. I thought it meant me if I am the one creating the course. However, if I am uploading course material from a site which has given me permission, then should the site (ex. TTMIK) be the provider?

@jreidy - That’s right. In this case, you will be the uploader, but the provider is TTMIK.

@alex. TTMIK does not show up on the drop down for providers. How do I create TTMIK or other providers?

@jreidy - You can go here (Login - LingQ) and click on “My Providers” on the right, then you can add providers.