Editing leaves translation out of sync?

Yesterday I editted a story from the beginner 2 course “Learning Finnish 1”, story number 2 called “2. Ystävät”. The action I performed was deletion of a paragraph that was listed doubly. Now there is a weird phenomenon with the line by line translation.

There is no inherent translation in the lesson, but with line by line it uses google translate. On some specific lines the translation gives the result as if the old, deleted lines are still there. The first line that occurs is line 13 that says: “Helsinki on suuri kaupunki, ja hän asuu kaukana minusta, mutta me silti tapaamme usein.” which means something like “Helsinki is a big city, and sh lives far from me, but we still meet often.”. The translation the line by line gives is “I have two best friends.”. This is part of the lines that were double in there and thus deleted.

Zoran, what is going on here? Is there sort of an indexing behind the scenes? Let me know what I can do to fix this, and how I can prevent this from happening next time.

Whenever you click on the translate button on a sentence, the translation is permanently entered into the box. So when any editing is done that removes or adds a sentence, it throws off the sync. When that happens, the only solution, besides going into the clips tab and manually entering in all the translations, is to copy the text and make a new lesson. You can’t delete the text in the boxes, it just shows up again.

Of course you have to remember to download the audio and then add it back into the new, replacement, lesson.

Hopefully this will be fixed in V5.0.

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Thank you for the reply, I will wait for v5.0. Are you a developer? Do you have an ETA?

The story/lesson itself has no inherent tranlation, so I wouldn’t expect a google translate to stick around. It doesn’t make sense. Even if it was saved for performance, it should have been deleted with the doubled up paragraph.

As a user I just don’t get it. Otoh, there is nothing I can do at the moment, I think… and I apologize for not understanding: you talk about a clips tab. I have no idea what that is. Actually, I am even willing to run across the translations, but the story has none, so I have no idea how to do that.

Even so, thanks for your answer. May zoran knows a way out of this.

No, I’m not a developer. When you click on the button “Translate sentence”, then a translation is retrieved from Google translate and inserted into the lesson where it remains permanently unless someone changes it to something else.

In case you remove part of the text, you will need to go to Clips tab and then manually fix the translations too. That’s the only solution at the moment. This should be improved too soon.

Thanks. If possible, I will do it for this lesson. Very curious to see the new release!

For the life of me, I cannot find the clips tab. Is that during editting or during reading? And where on the screen is it placed?

When you’re entering or editing the text of the lesson, the “clips” tab is the farthest to the right at the top of the text edit part. I don’t see a way to attach a screen shot or I’d show you.

No problem, I just checked. As far as I can see there is not clips tab. But, it may be caused by my extensive ad-blocking. I block all javascript by default and only gradually enable as far as necessary. I will get back to you on whether that works. Thanks for the reply.

Ok, I found the problem. I do have the clips tab if I do an import myself, but for these lessons, someone else did the import and the edit lesson does not feature any tabs. I suspect I am only allowed to alter the text, not the translations.

@gbonnema Exactly, additional tabs are only available for lessons you imported.

In those cases, you need to notify support in order to correct the synchronization.

Will this correct itself in 5.0? Or do I still have to contact support as mr Mycroft suggests?