Editing a LingQ not possible in the app

It’s not possible to edit a saved LingQ in the app (Android) like I can do on the web site. Is it indended to make that possible in the future? Or is it a bug in the app.

Editing LingQs is possible on the app too. What exactly happens when you try?

The problem is I can edit the LingQ by writing a new meaning or so, but I can not delete an entry in the list of meanings and replace it with another one. I can add additional lines with meanings but I can’t delete a line.

Thanks, we are looking into it.

Update: It is possible to delete an entry by erasing the whole word (or multiple words) by placing the cursor at the end and engaging the “delete backward” button till the entry turns into an empty line :slight_smile: After saving - the line will disappear completely. But that is very cumbersome…