Editing a lesson in its entirety doesn't work

I like to import youtube video lessons from Easy German. The issue with these currently, though, is that they have the youtube autogenerated subtitles which have no punctuation or capitalization.

As a “patreon” member of theirs, I have access to the transcripts with proper punctuation and capitalization. In LingQ 4 and earlier I would import the video/subtitles via the browser extension and then go in and replace the entirety of the lesson text with the text from the transcript.

This is not available in LingQ 5.0 currently…or it is very unreliable.

Here’s what I’ve been trying to attempt. If I click regenerate lesson, it removes the paragraph editing and just has the text in full. I highlight the text and replace it with the transcript. Then I click “view lesson” (this just saves it initially). I then click “view lesson” once more and it brings me to the lesson. The old subtitles are still there. If I click on “Edit Lesson” once more, the new transcript that I pasted is showing, with the paragraph view set up once again. Why is the “edit lesson” showing the corrected transcript, but the “view lesson” is not?

I’ve even further, gone ahead and replace the entirety of the text with just a single word…“test”. (Click regenerate lesson, highlight the entire text, delete it, and type the word “test”). Again I click view lesson twice (first time saves, 2nd time opens). The old subtitles are still there. I click “Edit Lesson” once more. “Test” is there in the paragraph view mode. Why again, the mismatch?

Occasionally, I’ve gotten the web lesson view to get the updated values, but it’s not close to consistent, and the android and ios apps don’t get the updates. Even when the web lesson view somehow does get the changes, they usually iterate back the next day to the original subtitles.

Can we make this so it works properly? Where one can edit the text in its entirety and have it save?

I do have a workaround by uploading the transcript first and then adding video/audio, but it’s much easier using the extension to get the video in there and updating the lesson text after.


Thanks. We will test that and see what we can do to improve the feature as soon as possible.


Thank you!