Edit vocabulary entries in source language


I started using LingQ for German and saved some LingQs from a lesson. Is there any way I can edit these LingQs? I mean, not editing the translation or the example sentence, but the word in German. I would like for example to add articles and plural forms. Or, sometimes, the app doesn’t save the entire verb or expression because of the structure of sentences in German (for example, in the sentence “Wie kommt man aus einem Motivationstief oder jeder Art von Tief eigentlich wieder raus?”, I could only highlight and therefore save “wieder raus”, although I would like the entire expression “aus etwas wieder rauskommen”).

Can anyone help me?

Thank you and sorry if this question has already been asked!

Hi! What I sometimes do is add extra info in the ‘‘Notes window’’. Check the settings to enable it if need be.

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You can’t edit source words, but you can use notes and tags to add an additional info to your saved words that can help you later during the review.

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