Edit my post

How can I edit my post? I submitted a post and it displayed tutor. How can I change it now?

“We will remove the Tutor label from everyone since it no longer matters.”

There is not any edit function on the LingQ forums.

Some members enjoy posting errata.

…and clutter up the forum, but that’s just my opinion.

Mine too. I am interested in what it said, not how it is said, nor the repetitive drill practice of English phrases.

I know that some tutors are not interested in “how it is said.”

Yutaka, my remarks refer to the LingQ Forum, not to a tutoring situation.

I know that some tutors are not interested in “how it is said” on the LingQ forums.

That’s good start :slight_smile:

I believe in freedom of expression. The more people comment here the better. If YutakaM wants to post self-corrections, that should be his call. It may be that in reviewing his posts, and finding mistakes, and posting his “errata”, he is helping himself notice the language, and notice his “gaps” and improve. If he achieves that, then I am happy, for LingQ and for him.

That said, I should point out that I never look at his self-corrections. I understand his originals very well, and find his self-corrections distracting and prefer to ignore them.

I often submit my Russian posts for correction. I never post corrections after the fact on the Forum. If I thought that people were evaluating my Russian, German, Spanish or Portuguese etc. I would stop posting here in those languages. Therefore I prefer not to be corrected. If I want to be corrected I submit the text for correction.

Meanwhile I am quite happy to let all my mistakes just sit there for all to see. And I am supposed to be a “linguist”.

Oh! I forgot putting the title “Erratum” in my last post of this thread. Sorry.

I’ve noticed that I often make mistakes in my posts in English, but I’m not sure whether I should be correcting myself so long as the meaning is understood. Maybe I should try to get into a habit of just writing whatever I feel like writing and quickly checking over it at the end for any mistakes. I’ve heard some people on forums say that they import forum posts to study them as lessons. I’d hate for them to be learning the incorrect usage. I’m not 100% sure of what I should be doing in these situations.

When I am reading forum posts, I try to understand what he or she wants to say, and if I notice that the writer is a speaker of the language that I am learning, I also try to focus on his or her expressions in order to learn something. On my profile page, my native language is English, but it is not true. I chose it as my interface language at LingQ. (I hope that this post does not need any corrections.)

“That’s good start”

I imagine that the person who wrote the above sentence is a native speaker of English.
I wonder if “a” is unnecessary or not before “good” because I am a LEARNER of English.

Yutaka, I am a native speaker, everything I say is correct by default.

Peter, you are not responsible for the register of your usage on this forum. It is not a “Learn Usage with a Tutor” forum.

Yutaka, that’s what I’m talking about. To me, ‘That’s good start’ is missing an ‘a’. But the question is, is it worthwhile correcting everything that one posts in a forum as it can distract from the actual discussion? In some cases, native speakers of English, for example, might not be that comfortable using computers. Therefore, typing a post might be difficult in itself and then going over it with a fine-tooth comb even more of a headache.

Ed, I see your point. Perhaps if learners are unsure of the usage in a general forum, they could post a question about it in the relevant tutor-assisted forum? Does that mean that the goal in a general forum is simply to communicate ideas and concerns, and not necessarily to reinforce correct usage?

I do agree that everyone makes mistakes, even native speakers. But it would be nice to have some clarity on this issue. It would probably help if people could edit posts that they have made, but then it might not be one of LingQ’s top priorities at the moment.

I believe when a phrase sounds natural in a language, it is correct, even if it is not exactly matching to grammar rules. You can hear such examples even on official TV and radio programs.

Of course it would be great if everybody wrote perfectly correct English (etc.) - in the general forum, and everywhere else. However, it’s not always that easy to know who’s a native speaker, who has an academic degree… what’s behind misspellings (dyslexia? foreign keyboard? laziness?), choice of words (dialect?), unnatural grammar (second language learner?) and so on. And, bear in mind that Google is (usually) your friend. When in doubt, I Google for a word/expression/a string of words, and as long as the number of hits is satisfactory, I think it’s safe to assume that it’s “OK”.

This being said, I’d like an edit tool. Not primarily to correct my grammar/spelling, but to fix broken links.