Ebook Lesson Size

Hi everyone!

In the past when I would import an ebook, LingQ would break the book into lessons with an average of about 700 words. Recently, books I have imported are split into lessons of about 1,700 words. Does anyone know if this is a change LingQ has made and if I can break my books down into shorter lessons? Thanks!

Lessons are now automatically split at 6000 words vs 2500 words previously. This is to allow the import of full ebook chapters without split.

At the moment, it is not possible to adjust this limit unless Lingq allows users to choose the length of their lessons in the future.



Thanks for the clarification.

I noticed the difference too and wondered what was going on.

I don’t use the automatic split from Lingq. When importing books, I import them by chapter, so I can read chapter by chapter, which I find a far better experience.


@mde036 yep, now for the people that didn’t care and they prefered to have shorter lessons and not wasting time in doing that split, they are forced to do chapter by chapter so to avoid having lessons too long.
The problem that I see is that they become super slow to open and to manage (which I experiencing it now) and all the audio resets problems when you pick up the same lesson after few days.

I hope, we will have some day the possibility to choose the length we want to for different occasions.
I actually now like both options as they are both worth it.

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@David , so the book I imported couldnt read it due to new changes coming into implementation and making it really slow. I guess I will delete that book again then import chaper by chapter by creating a new course.

Atleast there is a way around now. Thanks for sharing it. This solution worked.

I am sure Zoran will say " I am glad that it turned out well". :grin: