Ebook Images are messed up

I just uploaded an ebook for the first time. It is in the EPUB format and everything went fine except for all of the lessons have an image from the cover of The Little Prince.

I changed the course image to the cover of the book I uploaded but all of the lessons still have The Little Prince picture. I haven’t read that book before and I’m not sure where the picture came from.

Is there any way to make the image I uploaded apply to the whole course. I tried deleting everything and re-uploading the whole book, but the same thing happened both times.

I’ve never uploaded an ebook directly, but when I create a course and set picture for only the course, not the individual lessons, then that picture is shown for all the lessons. I would assume that the upload process assigned a picture to each lesson, so I’d try editing the lessons individually to remove the picture.

The epub format, by the way, is simply a zip file. You can access the chapters and pictures directly with any application that can handle zip files, at least if there’s no DRM.

It seems to me there is no way to remove the lesson’s picture. You can just choose another one.
The most terrible thing is loosing of all paragraphs. It looks terrible when the whole book looks like an endless chapter :frowning:

Yeah. I was hoping not to have to change the image for each lesson individually. It’s a good sized book so there are 74 of them. It’s a bit annoying having the wrong picture for all of them but everything else works fine and the formatting is good so I’ll probably just ignore it. I can still read the book, so it’s not a huge deal. I just figured the lingq people might want to know about the bug.

Heck, I uploaded Italian books and they gave me images of books in other languages, like Polish or something. What is most annoying is that someone else uploaded a book with a dark and depressing image and I have to see it every time I go to read My book!

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Hi @jjacks303
Can you please send me a link to that course to support(at)lingq.com so that I can check it? Thanks!

I just sent you an email with the link Zoran. Thanks for looking into it.