Eating out in Swedish?

I have begun to follow this story in Italian and Russian. Is there a Swedish version (it says so in the intro to the Russian lessons)? I looked under “Äta ut”, but no luck. Any idea where I might find it? Tack så mycket!

I do not think we have it, but perhaps one of our Swedish members can help us translate and produce it. Any takers?

I haven’t seen it either. If I could record Skype conversations or have somebody to provide the second voice live, I’d be happy to upload the lessons within a day or two. If someone else has the tools (and want me as one of the voices…) I’m willing to speak. If nothing else, I can translate the English into Swedish (that’s the easiest part).

By the way Sanne, the term is “Äta ute”.

I didn’t realize we were missing these in Swedish. I’ll ask our SwedishLingQ podcasters Anders and Andre to do it since they are all ready to record conversations and have excellent sound quality.

It’s a neat little story for my level of attainment and I’m sure other learners will like it - there is no unnecessary ordering of food. Thank you.