Easy way to support LingQ

  1. subscribe to a Gmail account if haven’t got one already

  2. sign in to that account

  3. do a Google search with the words ‘learning’ and ‘languages’ or whatever you would type in if you were still looking for a good language learning website.

  4. find the LingQ website in you search results, make sure it is the Main page (but don’t click on it)

  5. click the arrow pointing upwards on the right side of the search result

  6. click on the speech bubble and leave a nice comment!

  7. you can repeat 1 - 6 for other pages connected to LingQ if you have time

Hmmm… I try to do, but don’t see arrows… Moreover, I have never seen any arrows at google… Is this work everywhere, or at specific countries?..

Oh, I’ve found it. I use google.com, but it is switched to Russian interface by default… After I switch to English ineterface, I can see arrows… It is quite unfair, I think :slight_smile: