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I wanted to ask if anybody ever considered working together with the YouTube channel “Easy Languages”. They provide a lot of content on a wide range of topics for different languages. Every video has subtitles anyway so it should not be to difficult to get access to the content.

Could maybe someone from the developing team contact them, to ask if they´d provide their content for LingQ?
Here is the YouTube channel: Easy Languages - YouTube


Thanks. This is a good channel. Users can already import their content using the extension. This way, users will have the audio and transcripts readily available in LingQ. I can also look into contacting them to see if we can make their lessons publicly shared on LingQ (for now, users can only access this channel’s content on LingQ privately).

YouTube Importing:

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Unfortunately they most of the times do not upload their subtitles on YouTube directly, so that you can not import them. So maybe it would be worth asking them to do at least that!
Thank you anyways :)!

Any news? :slight_smile:

Hi I’ve been wondering the same thing. In my opinion, their channel is one of the best resources for learning Greek (for beginners at least). I tried to be clever and use Google Documents to automatically transcribe the video - playing the audio through my speakers. However it’s only 80-90% accurate and doesn’t account for any punctuation. Perhaps it’s worth approaching the channel to ask they provide their transcript documents? If enough people ask, I’m sure they’ll consider it.

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Yeah, especially good Greek content in general is hard to find! I hope they get in contact with them, because in my opinion this ist exactly the content Steve is always talking about! Normal people authentically talking on a wide range of everyday topics!

Actually, what I seem to remember is LingQ doesn’t end up pulling their translations. I think it ends up pulling the auto-translate which is way inferior to theirs. (i.e. the auto one doesn’t have punctuation.

In any event, they do have transcripts if you do their patron account at various levels. It would be great if LingQ could access that for LingQ’ers but I’d be surprised if they go for it…certainly wouldn’t be for free. I’ve been tempted to pay for their content, maybe for a month to see how well it works for LingQ.


Thank you for the tip! I may also try the Patreon thing out to see if it´s worth it! Maybe LingQ could offer them some Money in exchange for their content. I mean we´re paying for LingQ as well, so it should be possible for them to invest some money too. If it´s not too expensive.

Here’s the link if you’re interested: Become an Easy German Member

I could see them maybe providing a handful of lessons, similar to some other lessons on LingQ that are some excerpts from books (thinking of Benny’s language hacking books for example).

Thanks Eric, I had no idea you could pay for the transcripts which I have no problem with. I’ll see how easy they are to make lessons out of.

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I think the only thing holding me back is that I’ve got content coming out of my ears right now =D. However, I think it could be very useful because they are authentic conversations with people on the street which is more interesting than artificial situations.


they offer them as a bonus for their patron account for each of their language channels for 5 dollars for a month of access. I have the French transcripts if someone knows how I can share them, I would be happy to pass them along.

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Any news on this? I’d love to use their content for Mandarin but as of now I get an error when importing their videos.