Easy grammar in Russian

I am not the grammar king and actually I hate grammar both in my mother tongue and foreign language I want to learn. Without particular grammar skills I have learned German that is my native language. And I am articulate well. In school I hate grammar drills in English, Latin, French and Spain but especially with the Russian language I have the feeling that to broaden my language skills expressly knowledge in easy grammar rules is necessary. But I don’t understand explanations by internet. Because it is a condition having high grammar level in my native language. Is there any easy grammar explanation in Russian language. Because Russian is a such wonderful language that I am ready for long winded grammar learning in order to progress my knowledge expressly.

I think that learners of Russian could give more useful answer :)) Anyway, my two cents (or “мои пять копеек”).
There are some grammar related content at Russian LingQ library (http://www.lingq.com/learn/ru/store/search/?category=204). Also I am trying to create the “Russian from scratch” series, but it is quite difficult, as I don’t know what learner want to know…

clickable link http://tinyurl.com/yaygaa9

Thanks a lot for really valuable words of advice. And yes I can imagine that grammar content for beginner is more complicated than for immediate or advanced learner - I am tutor in German and I have the same experience. It would be nice if you could give us beginners some helps from time to time. And I hope that we can talk together in Russian if I acquire a higher level.

Hi! I hate grammar too… and as I took my first lessons in Russian at uni you can imagine it nothing but grammar… We were using a terrible book called “Take off in Russian” and doing grammar exercises mostly from there. The only good thing in that book is that its grammar explanations are very short and simple. Although sometimes i found hard to get the big picture. The reason for that could be because we were doing one chapter every two weeks or so, which means it was hard to remember what was happening two weeks ago unless you revised all the time. Perhaps if you give it a quick read at the parts you are interested, it will make more sense.

Generally here is three things that helped me with grammar:
First of all, to read quick grammar explanations from many different writers, because then you can have different point of views and you never know which one might turn useful.
For example so far apart from the above book i have also had a quick look at two other books i was using for my studies before LingQ and maybe another 2 or 3 resources on the web.
I have also bought a full detailed Russian grammar book which i Never used so far and I don’t think it will ever be useful to me unless I decide to become a professional translator haha!

Second, is when i spent an afternoon to find examples that match the exact situations to my native language. Well, concerns the verbs mostly. So when i gave a good thinking on the equivalents of verbs’ voices in greek for example, i found that i never had a problem to understand them ever after. (they still don’t come out of me correct but that’s another thing hehe)

Third is that there is nothing else better you can do than reading as much as you can! What a surprise :slight_smile:
The more examples you see in practice the more it becomes clear.
Now I can say I have a satisfactory (for me) understanding of Russian grammar and I don’t need to open a grammar book any more. In fact I haven’t look at any grammar rules in the past year. When this start happening it was ONLY after i had read a good amount of texts. Hmm… hard to say how much in numbers but roughly about 50-70 pages of text (articles, book extracts, etc. intended for native speakers)