"Easy German" videos from Youtube on Lingq?

Does anyone know where one might get the text for the Easy German videos on youtube? They are really interesting and I’d love to study them with the audio but I can’t find the text anywhere where it can be copied and pasted. Is there a way to get an accurate transcript from a youtube video? Or maybe someone else has found a way to do this or something similar? Thanks for the help.

If you don’t know about Easy German, this is one of their hundreds of videos: Integration in Germany (with Abdul and Allaa from German LifeStyle) | Easy German 130 - YouTube

If you open the video on YouTube and read the comment you’ll find a link to READLANG.There you can find the text. I’m not sure how accurate the script is.
Please do not share the lessons on LingQ because of the copyright. But you can study them as private lessons. Have fun with German!

Thanks, Vera! I wish I could study them in Lingq of course but perhaps it’s just not possible. :frowning: By the way, I want to thank you for your lessons. A good chunk of my learning is thanks to your lessons. I’ve especially enjoyed your conversations with Jolanda, even if they are a little challenging for me at this point. :slight_smile:

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You can import them and study them on LingQ. Just keep them private :slight_smile:

I’m glad that you like my lessons. Jolanda and I had a lot of fun making the podcast together. Unfortunately LingQ decided not to continue with the podcast series. I’m sure if you go later back to these lessons, you’ll find them less challenging. I often go forward and backward in my lessons, and sometimes I’m really fascinated by the fact how easy lessons become after a while :wink: