Easy content in French

For the ones sttruggling with the beginnings of French, I found this link with a simple story aimed at beginners with audio and transcripts.

Unfortunatelly, although the content is for free in the site, they sell the right to reproduce it, so I can’t share.

Thank you for the good tip. A good content for French beginners. It’s a pity, that they do not share the content. With their link in the transcript and/or audio it would be a benefit for them too. For me and I think for other LingQ user it is helpful to know sites with audio and transcript content, because it need a lot of time to find good content with both. It is possible to share a database with links to websites for each language? Maybe, it would be helpful too, if the library content would have ratings, depending of how often it is loaded or used of members.

In a way, you can see how often content is used by looking at the lists of awarded points for created content which is published in the newsletters with a link. Here you can see which members created content and how often it was viewed.

These are good suggestions and are things we plan on doing when we get the time to rearrange the library.