Easy AI Transcripts

Here is an easy way to add subtitles/captions to video or audio files with timestamps (so audio and captions are synced).

  • Download your video or audio file.
  • go to https://freesubtitles.ai/ and upload file. (Free Use: Maximum 300 MB File Size, Maximum 1 Hour Duration)
  • Download Transcript as an SRT file.
  • Create lingq lesson and add audio/video file and srt file.
  • Save lesson and enjoy.
    Spanish transcripts have been accurate including the timestamps. I use this method for mp3 files which is nice for podcasts and audiobooks.

For intensive reading, I like to have the original audio in “sentence view” mode rather than machine TTS. Also, karaoke mode would be timestamped.


Hey glad you like the site! You can also translate the file and then on the player there is a button to play two subtitles at once, I like to watch content in my target language while having English up as the second subtitles and comparing them, seems to work well for me and makes it pretty effortless to watch target language content in the target language.


I tried all of the free subtitle AI sites and yours is the best. Excellent work and thank you. It’s really nicely done and my transcriptions and timestamps are near perfect. I’ll try using the dual subtitle mode. Thanks for the tip.


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Awesome you are here on lingq, btw.

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Steve Kauffman has been my learning language guru for a decade now lol, actually I got into transcribing my content based on a video of his and found that the sites really sucked and were expensive which eventually led to me starting my own site lol. So it’s come full circle now that I can contribute back which is really cool. And glad you like the site! I just made it how I want it as a language learner and I think it’s come out pretty well so far, appreciate the kind words.


Wow! Did you code that? Awesome! Be my Coding Guru! Thank you so much! God bless you! Hope you keep it free and remember your poor language brothers, haha. I have been using it for Hindi and trying to read at Language Crush, since there is no Hindi here. It is quite accurate and the best I’ve found so far. Thanks a bunch!

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I second this resource ( https://freesubtitles.ai/ ) !!!

I have found it especially useful for getting the correct subtitles off of Youtube videos with auto-generated subtitles that are not quite right.

Super helpful and even the tech support was nice when I couldn’t get it to work the first time lol :slight_smile:
Thanks and wish you continued success, @meddit_app !


The finest free subtitle AI website that I tried was yours. Thank you and great job. My transcriptions and timestamps are remarkably accurate, and it’s been done pretty well. I’ll experiment with the dual subtitle setting. Regards for the advice.

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