Earn points

How may we earn the points in correcting the English texts in Lingq ? Thank you very much!

I really don’t know!
thank you for sharing your question

To earn points from correcting texts or conversations, you will need to make yourself a tutor and set corrections and conversations rates.
You have to choose your teaching languages on the Settings page, Profile tab (Login - LingQ). You will see “TUTORING SETTINGS” part on that page.
If you want to host conversations, you should input available conversation time in your calendar on the same page and set your rate per word for Writing corrections (Public writing corrections on the Writing Exchange no longer gives any points).
Part of being a successful tutor also involves creating lessons or being active on the Ask a tutor forum so that learners start to learn who you are.
Click here to learn more about tutoring on LingQ: Tutoring

Thank you very much for your discussion !