E-ink tablets

Does anyone use e-ink android tablets for LingQ? Does it work well for you? I’m having some eye strain issues and i’m thinking of buying one.
I saw a post about this but it was 3 years old and e-ink tablets are actually becoming quite good nowadays.

I do not see how current LingQ version can work on e-ink. Putting aside the slow response/refresh time on e-ink, the LingQ interface relies on colors. I recommend you try switching your monitor/tablet/phone into black-and-white mode and see if LingQ is still usable. I have tried on my tablet and it did not work for me.

The refresh time is improving quite a bit with the recent iterations of e-ink tablets. In terms of colors i agree somewhat, although sacrificing the visibility of blue vs yellow words doesn’t bother me too much. There also seem to be appearing colored e-ink displays, so maybe another year or two :wink: