e-Ink e-Reader for LingQ

Picking up two old threads on using e-Ink devices for LingQ, to reduce eye strain, I can say that the BOOX Nova3Color works well. The problem with monochrome e-Ink devices was distinguishing the Blue and Yellow words. Color on the Nova3Color is not vibrant, but its pastel shades are good enough. Sound output from the small speaker is good enough for play back of voice recordings. For those who were talking about e-Ink earlier, or anybody else, I can say that the Nova3Color is worth considering.


Thanks, I’m really looking forward to more e-readers with colour. Are there any bigger alternatives? For LingQ, that’s big enough, but for magazines and newspapers, bigger would be better.

Not at the moment. Like you, I would be interested in a larger size.

This one sounds promising: Reinkstone R1 is a 10.3 inch color e-reader with Android 11 - Good e-Reader
Should you come across anything else, I’d love to know. Without your post I wouldn’t even have known that there’s more out there than the first 6’’ e-reader with colour support.

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Hello, just catching up after a few months absence. 10.3 inch would be good. But the software review for this product is not so good. So, I think I’ll stay with Onyx BOOX products for now. Exciting times, as technology is improving continuously!


It would be so amazing if one day LingQ was supported on e ink devices. I think this would change the game completely. I feel like kindle would sell so many of their e readers if they advertised learning languages by reading on their devices using LingQ. Maybe one day.

Could you send video how work lingq on ONYX BOOX NOVA 3 COLOR?

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I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. It would be cool if LingQ was capable on a Kindle of some sort and the e-book system uses LingQ as a plug in.


If I was to enhance one thing on LingQ, it would be to add an “endless reader” experience like you get with ReadLang, Calibre, or any ebook reader. The 2.000 word lessons work well for articles or shorter content, but it is a clunky experience for full novels.


I was wondering if the app is fluid enough on those devices (android e-readers) that are tipically not as high spec as modern smartphone or tablets. Or does it feel a bit slugish in comparison.

Thanks for coming back to this thread, if you find anything else, let me know.