E-books copy protection prevents imports to LingQ

I tried to upload my e-books to LingQ but my e-books have copy protection that prevents them from being imported. Is there any solution for this problem?

You need to remove the DRM, there should be posts here in the forum about Calibre and Epubor Ultimate.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried Calibre. Unfortunately it did’n work. The copy protection prevents that too. I will try Epubor Ultimate.

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Epubor Ultimate is a paying software. The free version will only allow you to remove the protection on 20% of the book. But it works really well and is easy to use. DRM removal is done with just one click.


If this is kindle ebook then you can try this:


Calibre by itself won’t remove it. You need at least the de-drm plugin. With kindle there are the other very specific steps outlined in Peter’s post.

Ultimately epubor is probably the most straightforward. I’ve not used it and have always successfully done the Calibre route, but those who have seem to like it. Ultimately I may need to too…I think Amazon has been going to a new DRM flavor on its newly published books that I think even epubor couldn’t do initially (but I think maybe have since then figured it out??).

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As mentioned in other users’ comments, books that are under copyright protection can’t be imported. If you find a way to remove protection and import them, please make sure not to share them, and keep them for your private use.


The Calibre + de-drm plugin combo still works like a charm.
I used it a few days ago for some Spanish and Dutch books that I wanted to import into LingQ.

However, as @zoran pointed out, we shouldn*t share this copyrighted material with others!

Yes, importing Kindle books into LingQ is still a legal grey area, but we don’t do any harm when
we use our own Kindle books privately in LingQ.

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Thanks Peter, I’ve been slow to finish the current book I’m reading, so I hadn’t had a chance to try de-drm since then. My understanding is that books published AFTER a certain date (this year) may have this new fangled DRM, but the older books to not. So it may only be with these newer ones.

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books published AFTER a certain date (this year) may have this new fangled DRM

I see.
I’ve got a new book (in German) about ChatGPT that was published a few weeks ago.
I can try to remove the DRM protection and import it into LingQ - to see whether
the de-DRM plugin still works.

To be continued :slight_smile:

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You’re right, Eric.

The Kindle app wants to update for the new e-books (from 2023) -
otherwise it refuses to download the Kindle book.

And this probably means that the “Calibre + de-DRM plugin” combo
won’t work anymore to remove the DRM protection.

On verra if that’s the end of this combo…

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Thanks for the confirmation Peter. Again, as I understand it, it’s only for these newer books, so probably older ones should still work (I’ve yet to try). I also know, at least when it first changed, that epubor had a warning that it would not work on these, but that they were working on a solution. Not sure if successful as of yet.

Had me looking at German online bookstores potentially going forward, although as I understand it I may need a German address to get those to work, even for e-books. I think many of those have also started using DRM though…but still want that apparently calibre can handle (different De DRM plugin though, I think).


The combo still works for the Kindle books released pre-2023.
I imported a few of them (ca. 10-15) in different languages into LingQ
in the first half of 2023.

Reg. the new Kindle format:
We just have to wait and see how things develop…

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