E book only uploaded one lesson?

I have successfully imported some ebook, including some quite long ones that were broken into uptown 90 lessons. I just tried twice to upload a long book, but it only uploaded one lesson. What might be the problem?


Sorry to hear that. Sounds like a bug. Can you please email me ( support(at)lingq.com ) and send me a lesson URL to Part 1 that was imported successfully and also if you can send ebook file too, that would be great. We will have it fixed.

Hi, I’m having a similar problem, was this bug fixed? In fact, I think there is still a bug as I deleted a book I successfully imported a few weeks ago but when I tried today to import it again, only one lesson was imported.
Update - looks like it worked after leaving it for 20 minutes or so. Looks like it took longer than before.

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Yeah, in some cases it can take some time for additional parts to appear, but it works properly.

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Having the same issue, have tried importing 2 different books multiple times for the past 4 hours and only the first lesson will import.

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It seems to be taking much longer than in the past. I really feel like a progress indicator is needed to let us know things are still in the works vs a failed import.


We will look into it and try to figure out why it’s slow lately. We will make it work better. Thanks everyone.


This happened to me last week. It took so long, that I re-did the import and left it overnight. The next day it was all there - but each “lesson” was duplicated! So I deleted the epub, made some alternations to the title and cover page on the source document, and re-imported it. I again left it overnight, and the next day it was all there. A happy ending, but it shouldn’t be a two-day process.


This is getting worse. This slow uploading is also for articles! I’ve just uploaded an article a bit longer and I’ve finished part one and now I’m waiting for part 2 forever.

I mean, the point of LingQ is also to import and read articles in real time, if this is not working it is definitely not a good feeling.

Not only this, but if you upload more articles in one course, everything gets scrambled. But also the OPEN NEXT lesson at the end. It’s in not consecutive but apply some logic on how the database slowly fixed the position of the lessons. :S

Please, fix this slow database. Thanks.


I just imported an ebook only one lesson is uploaded yet seems like I have to wait for a day to start reading that book right away. Seems like it is going to be a norm on LingQ 5.0.

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Yes, I’ve just uploaded a transcript of a 40’ video and guess what? Part (1) is there. I’ve finished the video and Part (2) who knows when!

However, I’ve just seen appearing Part (2) of an article I’ve uploaded yesterday. Yeahh! I’m gonna finished that one! :S

Same issue here…thought I was doing something wrong but same as you also tried multiple times… both with pdf as well as epub versions…

All parts have been uploaded right now. I guess just let it leave overnight and get all parts uploaded by the next day., hopefully.

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I have the same problem!

I’ve been having similar issues with all of my uploads over the past couple of weeks. Part 1 appears immediately, and parts 2 and on take forever. I’ve started using a word counter to break off my lessons at the 2000 word limit and upload each part manually. This works for my purposes currently (transcripts of 30 min podcasts). Doing this for an E-Book would be a nightmare.


We are working on improving this. Thanks for your patience everyone!

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I am having the same issue. Is this still a problem for people?

@patrick.obrien Can you check again now and confirm that other parts weren’t imported? As mentioned in other posts, sometimes it can take more time for additional parts to process and appear.

I’m having the same problem too… sights

I’ve noticed that the issue has been fixed for the most part. Time for uploads to appear has generally been instantaneous but for a few random times in the past few months.

Something worth noting that has happened a couple of times now: Part 1 appears immediately. After uploading the audio for it (part 1), this audio gets split and a part of it gets attached to part 2 when it finally appears. This is when part 2 appears hours or a day after.