Dw.com is available in 30 languages

dw.com is a German new site that I go to specifically for German, but I noticed it is available in 30 languages. Particularly if you are studying a language that doesn’t have a lot of content available for free, this might be a good source.

Go to dw.com…in the upper right corner it says “dw.com in 30 languages”. Click that and here are the choices:

  • Albanian Shqip
  • Amharic አማርኛ
  • Arabic العربية
  • Bengali বাংলা
  • Bosnian B/H/S
  • Bulgarian Български
  • Chinese (Simplified) 简
  • Chinese (Traditional) 繁
  • Croatian Hrvatski
  • Dari دری
  • English English
  • French Français
  • German Deutsch
  • Greek Ελληνικά
  • Hausa Hausa
  • Hindi हिन्दी
  • Indonesian Indonesia
  • Kiswahili Kiswahili
  • Macedonian Македонски
  • Pashto پښتو
  • Persian فارسی
  • Polish Polski
  • Portuguese Português para África
  • Portuguese Português do Brasil
  • Romanian Română
  • Russian Русский
  • Serbian Српски/Srpski
  • Spanish Español
  • Turkish Türkçe
  • Ukrainian Українська
  • Urdu ا

Also on YouTube, e.g “DW Español” tons of material in Spanish. Announcers mostly speak deliberately and clearly. You can turn on auto-generated Closed Captions, usually quite good. quality.

And while I’m at it, other Spanish sources on YouTube:

“Paraisos en Asia” Person from Spain travelling around China, very informative and interesting, especially goes to more remote locations. Speaks very clearly.

“BBC News Mundo”

“DW Documental”

“DW Historias Latinas”



Besides, there are a lot of really interesting podcasts there like EUROMAX, Kulturzeit, Check-in, etc.

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