DUTCH grammar

hey guys

Ive been studying dutch now for a few months and am making good progress. I can understand alot (or should i say i can translate alot) from dutch to english. But what isnot so good is my ability to form sentences in dutch.
Ive started translating text from dutch into english, listening to the audio/reading text and then in a day or so translating it back to dutch which is helping for sure but im struggling with the grammar - in particular the verb placement.

for example:
I want to park my car but i cant find a spot, is there a parking garage here?
“ik wil mijn auto te parkeer maar ik kan geen plekje vinden. is er hier een parkeergarage?”

when i read, it makes sense but as i go to speak or write i get confused.

can anyone recommend tips they have to remember the grammar “rules”, or any websites that you’d reccomend? (apart from dutchgrammar.com)

Bedankt voor allez, en ik hoop in de toekomst wij kunnen nederlands praaten met elkaar!