Duplicate, triplicate "known words" being counted!? Also using the X key doesn't add to your 'known word' count

Hi, I was using the “k” key for words that I know. I happened to do this twice for the same word and noticed my ‘known words’ count went up. So I did it again to test it, and it went up again. Is there a way to make sure that known words aren’t double counted if accidentally marked more than once?

Also, I began using the “x” key for blue words I knew (not realizing they wouldn’t be counted as known). Just wanted to alert new people to that. I suppose that the ‘x’ key should be used for proper names etc and not actual ‘known words’.

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The known word count does increase each time you hit “k”, but as soon as you leave the lesson the system corrects it back down to what it should be.

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Oh great! Thank you!

That’s weird. It should know if a word is already known, not to count it, shouldn’t it?

Yes, but thankfully, as JFC pointed out, it seems to correct itself. :slight_smile:

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