Duplicate submission

I wrote to the podcast provider of Historias de nuestra Historia/ Historias de la Historia for permission to post material on LingQ. I just did a search for a specific lesson, and it appears that someone put up the same material. Was that because the podcaster contacted LingQ, so LingQ put up the material? Does that mean that I don’t get full credit for approaching this provider?

Or am I just confused, and did I upload the duplicate? I have no idea how or why this happened. Help please. Thanks.

If you go to the “Import” section, you can see all the lessons you have uploaded (in case you might have uloaded anything twice).

Hi lingQuser,

We actually have an arrangement with Javier, the owner of that podcast. We will start transcribing those again and adding to our Collection.

I don’t think that fair, though, because I’m the reason he knows about LingQ because I sent the permission letter. If you want me to send a copy to you, I can do that.

Actually, we have had his permission for over a year. We have an arrangement with him to provide him with transcripts in exchange for a mention on his site. That is why he has a link to LingQ on his home page and beside each of the transcripts we sent him. We haven’t done any transcripts recently but coincidentally, we had decided to start doing them again just as you posted. Believe me, we are not in the habit of taking podcasts that our members find and uploading them as our own :-)! That is the only Spanish podcast we have an arrangement with. Any others that you find are all yours.

Ok. Thanks for clearing that up. I’ve removed what I uploaded from the library, so if there are any complaints about not being able to access lessons, please direct users to your collection.