Duplicate posting

I just created a duplicate of a post in the Lessons forum titled “Help needed in translating lesson text”

I would have removed the extra one, but I can’t see how to delete a post. You may wish to delete one of them.

There are two links below the text box for submitting a topic. One on the bottom left is a button that says “Post” on the right is a link that says “Post and Submit for Correction” I clicked on both because I wasn’t sure what would happen to my post, but it seems that they were both posted to the same place.

I can’t understand why you need two links below to submit a post … it might be something you might want to address by putting a little “help” icon or pop-up explanation next to each link to explain the difference and guide people into selecting the best one for their needs if there is a different destination where the posting is sent.

@jfeka - The idea with the Post and Submit for Correction button is that you can submit a post then have it go directly to the Submit Writing page where you can post your writing for correction. Some users are writing in foreign languages on the forum and may want correction for their posts.

I’m not sure how you would have clicked on both of these unless you used the back button on your browser and posted again.

@alex Actually I did as you suspected, I clicked on the back button on the browser and clicked again on the other link.

The reason I did this was because, as you note from the original post (which you removed the duplicate for me & I thank you for that) I was asking about the translation of the text in a lesson, and I had my doubts as to which of the choices I should have used to get the post to the place where I’d get an appropriate response. I believe there was a further step which was offered to me after I clicked the “Post and Submit for Correction” link, but which I didn’t use so I’m still not sure I used it properly. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if I get the kind of response that I can use.