"Due for Review (SRS)"-alike feature for entire lessons

Hi there!

I really like “Due for Review” feature together with daily “LingQs of the Day” emails, because that way I can repeat vocabulary without spending much time to find what exactly I want or should review… system does it for me pretty well.

Recently I came to an idea that I would like to do the same with entire lessons. To be more specific I would like listen to lessons that I recently studied, each several times e.g. one day, one week and one month after I listened to it for the first time.

I guess this could be achieved with excel or even pencil and piece of paper but I am looking for something as convenient as SRS…

Maybe someone here came to this idea before? I’d appreciate your thoughts.

Best regards,

Hmm, I guess one suggestion I might have is to actually take advantage of an SRS system directly by saving a LingQ with the title of the lesson you are scheduled to study. That way, when the LingQ appears in your Due for Review list, you can study the lesson then increase the status of the LingQ.

Others may have better suggestions :slight_smile:

Yeach, I did. You’ll need to put all lessons into your mp3 player, after you can listening to untill you understand:) Without any SRS things:) The best way, belive me:)

thanks! I still can imagine something more automated, but that’s already one option to do the job.

thanks! Actually I am practicing this approach today. The problem I have with it is that determining whether a lesson is understood or not is hard… it’s never black or white, and sometimes listening to a lesson over and over again won’t help. That’s why I am thinking of some reviewing (re-listening) mechanism like SRS…