Due for Revew (SRS) discrepancies

I’m am new to Lingq and I think I’ve noticed a discrepency between the iOS and web versions. When I go on the web and click the ‘review’ button, I will get the same set of words over and over. If I go to the same place on the iPhone app, there is a number in parentheses. I believe that is the number of words to be reviewed. As I continue to review, the number continually decreases to zero (eventually). Also the
of words change as I review them.

Is this expected behavior?

I find that the lessons are find, but the interface to use them is the most difficult part.



I also experienced the same exact words being presented in successive reviews on the website. I call it a bug.

Note that the website version doesn’t refresh the vocab list until you do it manually, while the iOS app does refresh it automatically.
Also, website defaults to “all” whereas iOS defaults to “SRS Due” and that is probably what is confusing you.

The problem is the difference in refresh not the default tab. I don’t get the same set over and over after doing the refresh.

It’s clearly a bug, but one that is easy to work around.

Thanks Zoran.