Drive safe or safe driving?

I know some people say “drive safe”, how about “safe driving”?
Are they the same?

Many people say, “Drive safe,” but proper English is “Drive safely.” It’s just a general way of wishing someone to “Be careful while you are driving. I don’t want you to get into an accident.” Some people will just say, “Be safe” or “Be careful” or something similar.

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“Safe driving” is a term used to describe the act of being cautious and not getting into an accident while you are driving.

But someone may also wish you “Safe driving!” It’s just another way of wishing someone to “Drive safely” (or as Collin pointed out, “Have a safe trip!”)

Be careful! Be safe! Safe driving! Drive safe! Drive safely! Have a safe trip! Any of those are acceptable ways of telling someone to be cautious while driving.

Or if they are going out drinking: Don’t drink and drive! Be sure you have a designated driver! Catch a cab! Call me, I’ll come pick you up! or anything to let them know that no one should get behind the wheel if they have been drinking alcohol.

Also: No texting!
Texting while driving is equally as dangerous as drunk driving.

The following video just happened to come up in my news feed while I was posting this response. How apropos.


Merriam-Webster begs to differ :slight_smile:

You could definitely say “safe driving.” Your phrases have the same meaning. Feel free to use them to wish someone a lovely, or safe trip. Don’t worry about a difference in meaning between “drive safely,” “safe driving,” or “drive safe,” if you see it used to say farewell to someone.

You can also see it used as brucenator descibes in his post, which is great btw :smiley:

Don’t let anyone tell you that your grammar is wrong either. Nobody uses that pesky -ly- ending anymore. The language is just changing :smiley: Also, nobody would think the phrase is too casual. Say it to anyone! Assuming you want them to get from point A to point B safe and sound!


Good point!!!

Thank you, brucenator, very much. I learn more than what I asked from you every time. It really helps. Thanks again!!!

“Have a safe trip!” Exactly. Why didn’t I think of that?

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