I just cannot find a way to download lesson transcripts. There does not appear to be anything on the page to allow me to do this.

Can you see an icon looking like a printer (similar to a “print” icon you see in any other program - it’s located to the right of the header, next to a “loud speaker” icon). If you do, click that and wait for a PDF document to open. You can then print or save that, just as any other browser based content.

Ah! Ooh! Really? A PDF file? Does that mean it could be easily exported to an e-book reader? I could get very excited about that functionality! I’ve just bid on one on eBay.

Oops, at second look, no. Where the he** did I get that from… Anyway, from that print preview, the text can actually be copied and pasted into another program such as a word processor (which isn’t really the case from the regular view).