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this is the first thread I open, and therefore it’s probably a silly question. I tried to create my first private lession based on an Youtube video by using the directions I found here: Importing Your Favorite YouTube Videos into LingQ - LingQ Blog.
Only, the last step failed because “no captions were found”. Can you download ONLY videos that have subtitles? Where do I find a detailed explanation about this? And what if they are self-generated subtitles ?(which are notoriously full of mistakes…).
Tnanks in advance

Yes, you can only import videos with available subtitles. Otherwise, there’s no text our reader can grab and make a lesson out of it.

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Ok, thanks. I guess that when you basically know nothing about IT (my case) you end up expecting impossible miracles :slight_smile:

Ok, I tried with a subtitled one, and it worked this time. But how can I choose between keeping it private or sharing it? How do I know if I’m the only one who can see it? I’m asking because I still haven’t clear ideas about copyright issues.

All your imports are private by default and only you can see them and access them.

Hi again. Now that I’m studying the first lesson I downloaded from youtube, I notice something frustrating: all the special letters of romanian (ș ț â î ă) appear without diacritical marks, as (s t a i a). Of course this is confusing and botches up the LingQs count. Here is the link, if you can see it: Entra - LingQ Yes, the subtitles of the video are sloppy ones, without diacritical marks, but how comes that in this video from the same channel, shared by someone else (blotski, I guess), the marks appear correctly in the lesson? (while still being sloppy in the youtube video!!!) Entra - LingQ
So confused…

I add that the whole section of the Romanian library containing the poems by Eminescu (107 poems!) suffers from the same problem: no diacritical marks at all… what a pity. Could anything be done about it?
Here an example: Entra - LingQ

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This is my course, thanks for pointing this out. There must have been a mistake on my side. I tried to fix this problem, please check it again. Strange that nobody complained before. If I find the time I might upload the other poems at one point, there should be 250 in total. Also feel free to contact me directly via my profile page if you find errors in my courses. Thanks again.

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Thanks , Bamboozled. What a nice surprise! Now they look correct.
IMO nobody complained before because few people dabble with the advanced stuff…
But how did you fix it ? Because the issue I was explaining above about the first video I downloaded is not very different… .

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I didn’t really fix it, I re-imported the text from here: Autor:Mihai Eminescu - Wikisource
The error was on my side when I imported it the first time around, the previous version came from here: Poezii by Mihai Eminescu - Free Ebook and that text seems to be defective. I should’ve noticed the first time around.
And yes, this poetry collection is probably as difficult as it gets in Romanian and I wouldn’t be surprised if even native speakers struggled. It is certainly too difficult for me. My studies of Romanian are on hold, due time limitations. But when I return I will definitely try to get into Romanian literature.

Regarding your YouTube problem, the only thing you can do is to import videos with proper subtitles. You can’t do anything after the fact. I suggest deleting anything that doesn’t have proper diacritics. To be honest, I have not found YouTube to be a good resource for Romanian content, there are just too few subtitled videos.

I am sure you have noticed that LingQ’s library of Romanian content is very small. There are very few learners and there just doesn’t seem to be much content that could be shared on LingQ unfortunately. So, you will have to import most of the content yourself. But as an Italian native speaker, I’m sure that your progress will be swift and you’ll be reading books pretty soon. All the best!

I don’t find it more difficult than French, actually. And yes, I realized immediately that it’s difficult to find interesting videos with subtitles.
What surprises me, is that this video : Entra - LingQ
has been downloaded with proper diacritics in the text, while still not having proper diacritics in the subtitles. Mystery. Thanks anyway.

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I’m new to LingQ and just tried my hand at importing a YouTube video. It is an 18 minute video but only the first 12 minutes were imported. Turns out there is a commercial that pops up after 12 minutes in YouTube. Is there a way of getting around that?

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Not sure if there is anything we can do about it, but please post a video URL and we will look into it.

Zoran -
Here is the URL : El país multimillonario del que nadie habla: BAHRAIN 🇧🇭💰 | ¿Cómo es? - YouTube

Thanks, we’ll see if there’s anything that can be done regarding that commercial.