Downloading YouTube and AI

Over the last few days I do not seem to be able to download onto my laptop videos using the LingQ extension. It downloads into my “pending lessons” and stays there. When I lick on the lesson I receive a message stating the it is not yet available and to try later…when I do the same message comes up. Any ideas…?

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I also have problems.

I have tried to add a YT video by manually adding the transcription and audio but the ‘save’ button has disappeared so I can’t save it.

I have then gone to the LingQ extension to try to download the video and then regenerate it to add the transcription manually but I’m only given the choice of AI making the transcription which I don’t want. I want accurate subtitles importing the CC captions or importing the transcript myself manually.

Thanks for reporting, we will look into this.

I have the same problem with YouTube download :pensive: