Downloading podcast

I have downloaded the podcast for Beginner 1,2,3 but keep getting the into
This pdcast is brought to by Ling.etc.etc. at the start of each part. Is there any way to just get the pdcast without this into ad? Thanks

I can’t help you, but I have another question: I see the skript when I open itunes, but I can’t see it on my iPod - it is a problem only for some audios, not for everyone…can you help me?


Our beginner content exists in our library separate from the podcasts, and therefore without the intro. Please look for the item in the Library.

We are going to remove the redundancy in the store, which is confusing. Please bear with us, but for the time being look for the item in Beginner I. Which item is it that you are listening to and in which language.

For help with viewing text on your iPod, check out this post on LingQCentral: