Downloading playlists to MP3 Player

I have just bought an MP3 player so I can hear my lingq playlists whilst on the go. Steve Kauffmann tells us all to do this. I found I cannot drag and drop the files from lingq to MP3 player. I went to my computer shop and the technician said the problem is that I need to save the playlist files on to my computer first before I can copy them to my MP3 player. Is this correct and if so how do I save a lingq playlist file to my computer?



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On the website, you can find the download audio button next to the Play button in the audio player (top left on the lesson page). You can download audio files to your computer and then transfer them to your mp3 player.

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I disagree with your comment and you could have also just simply checked opening a lesson with audio that there was a download option.

Btw, Steve said that but I believe those recording were older when people had MP3s and smartphones were not like they are today. Maybe LingQ didn’t have an app yet, I don’t know. He was mentioning mastering CD-players at the same time!

Thank you. I had already found the download button myself. straight away The problem is that I did not know how to create a playlist. Don’t really know what a playlist is. I have now managed to download two lessons so I am on my way.

Thanks, aronald. Helpful.

i tried to delete that post earlier

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