Downloading LingQs - filters needed

When downloading LingQs from the Vocab page, you can only download all LingQs. For me this is a massive list. I tried applying a filter for just one course within the LingQ interface but it still only downloads all LingQs for that language on my account. I really wish I could just download a filtered list of LingQs (or at the very least if the CSV included a few more fields like the course and lesson it came from, then I can filter the CSV afterwards).


Hey @miketuholski

If you can stomach some data you can get the information here.
Just change the content_id number from this url to your lesson number (number in the URL when you open a lesson)

API link to get lesson cards

You can write a simple script to filter this into CSV format. If you need help with that let me know.

Lol. Sorry. You lost me. And as for writing a script. . . you really lost me again.

And I was hoping to get all of the LingQs from a course, not just a single lesson.

What you can do is apply filters, then select LingQs you want to export (maximum up to 200 LingQs that are listed on the page) then Export them under the More Actions button.

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Thank you, that works much better. However, with 1500 LingQs in one course, it’s still not the most elegant solution only being able to download 200 at a time.

It would still be really nice to have an option to just download all LingQs associated with the filter I placed, not just the ones showing up on the page at the moment.


I agree that this would be extremely useful. I’d like to create an Anki deck of phrases for each book I read. I feel that associating the phrases with the characters in the book will help make them more relevant in my mind.

I’ve been saying this for over a year. There needs to be a filter where you can export all vocab easily by course. The 200 words limit is horrendous especially when it is a bigger course. It takes ages to export only 200 at a time.

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