Downloading lesson text to pc?

Hi - when viewing a lesson I can download the mp3 to my local drive no problem but how do I get the text (for viewing if I have no internet)? It seems to go out to my android app no problem but I’d like it on my windows machine as well. thanks.


There isn’t an easy way to do this (websites can’t really have offline modes, whereas mobile apps can), but if you want you can always print out the lessons using the Print icon at the top of the lesson or copy the lesson text and paste it into a word processor.

You can use your browser “Save as…” function. Look for it in the browser menu (both main and context; the context menu is opened by clicking right mouse button anywhere on the empty space of the lesson-page). The page will be saved in HTML-format and can be opened on any platform, including Windows and Android.

VERY helpful tip, a5m. Thanks.
(I tried to give you a rose for it, but that functionality doesn’t seem to work right now. Or, at least, nothing seemed to happen.)