Downloading full audio of courses in one archive

Could you make it possible for premium members to download all the mp3s of a certain course in one zip-archive?

Thanks for the suggestion, eugrus. I’m not sure we’d be able to add a quick button to do this, as it would require us to generate .zip files for every course on the site. That being said, each course does have an RSS feed which can be accessed by opening the course in the Library/My Lessons section and clicking the arrow next to “Take All” at the top right. With the RSS link you should be able to then download all the .mp3 files for a single course. Hopefully this helps!

Thank you! I will try gPodder on it.

What I’ve experienced as a flaw with downloading via RSS was that files’ names don’t necessarily correspond the lessons’ order.

Hmm, would you give me an example of the course you tried?