Download unknown words

Hi! I would like to know if there is a way of downloading my unknown words from a specific lesson?

Related suggestion for future feature: would be awesome to be able to search lessons based on specific words.

I caught myself watching a french series episode on netflix, and was wondering if I could somehow study specifically all words I don’t know from that episode before watching it.

If I don’t find anything similar here I might try to import episode from netflix, export full episode text from lingq to somewhere else and use my very limited python skills.

Any suggestions?

Thanks on advance

I don’t think it’s possible without any scripting. I’d try open the lesson, read it with python and find out which ones you have not lingqed or known, that should do the job.

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On the Vocabulary page you can find a list of all your saved words - LingQs.
On the same page you will find the “Filter” button where you will find an option to list LingQs from specific lessons only. Then you can simple select them and export them.

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